" A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it."   

 - Edward Steichen


I am awful with this stuff, BUT I want you to have an idea who you are working with when you book a session with All Mine Photography so I will do my best and push out of my comfort zone!!

My name is Jessica Meyn and I have been immersed into photography and all that is photography since October 2016. I have always had a passion and an eye for aesthetically pleasing photography. (at least in my own opinion anyhow) I am for the most part self taught. I have invested in courses in regards to newborn photography posing and baby safety. I adore what I do and I love making magical images that include your loved ones!

I have my own 4 babies who are quickly growing and an amazing man that has been by my side for nearly 17 years! I have seen it all when it comes to babies and toddlers and have been called the baby whisperer more than once. We spend our days at strong start with our friends the afternoons cleaning the house and the evenings editing photographs! We stop for sessions in between the chaos and try to have as much fun doing it all!

Now more personally about me...

Mr Dressup and Beetle juice were my favorite growing up.

I have a strong love for the sky! Sunsets, storms, overcast just a regular day... I LOVE the sky! I often find myself amazed at the vastness of it.. The ocean is impressive too but not AS vast.... ya.

I am super easy going. Like SUPER.  Bob Marley could be a soundtrack in my day to day life. 'Dont worry about a thing' Everything works out as it should!

I am sometimes superstitious...

I am a bossy girl who found her true calling...


Some days are easier than others but it is a juggle I would never trade! 

Seriously, Even if you are not in need of a photographer... and you think we might have some fun together, hit the button below, because life is to short!


Lets have fun!!!




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