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Valentine Minis

These sessions were kind of spur of the moment.. I will be honest in saying all of these holidays are hard enough to manage as a parent never mind a photographer! They seem to creep up so quickly right after each other and while I am wrapping up my extra Christmas orders, its time for marketing Valentines, like BAM!

A very loyal repeat client of mine Shawna, had asked me if I would do a kissing booth for Valentines Day. Who am I to say no? Of course I said yes and quickly got to work brainstorming something cute yet original!! I usually search google a bit to find what I have in mind, most times I find similar things but never exact, just enough for inspiration!

I decided to do my kissing booth with a high-key white background which is my main source of light, with my crappy ebay fill lights we made the best of what we had and they turned out pretty amazing! Here posted with permissions are a of the images that I shot and edited from this super fun event!!

Each client gets a link to all of the images that make my cut, which is usually a lot ;) They get to pick their extra images if they choose for a small additional cost! This is a service I am happy to offer because it actually makes my job easier and I can ensure my clients pick the images that are their favorites, not mine. :)

Of course, my littlest's! Mommy's Models!

Isn't she a perfect poser <3

And because we used real roses for our sessions I couldn't think of a better way to put them to use!!

We play at this home with strong start which we attend regularly (when its not winter lol) My young ladies have grown comfortable here since for the past 2 years we have been hanging out with our 'Grand-friends' every second Friday, Miss Addilynn has been coming since she was 1 month old I believe <3 When I asked Katelynn if she wanted to join us she didn't hesitate! She took the lead when we arrived and her little sister followed! My girls made me so proud! Next time we do flowers we are giving them out here again! It filled my bucket!

That's a pretty special way to wrap up a love-filled event I think ;)

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