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Easter Minis 2018

I knew I was going to be offering Easter Minis this year!! This was the first event I could say is annual and the first I could show my own work as an example rather than a couple different pictures to somewhat show my vision :)

I think this year was a wonderful improvement on last year. With repeating events annually you gain experience too! My skills have improved so much in 1 short year! I've impressed myself ;)

Our main event was of course Mr Mustache!!!

He is a great bunny! He doesn't mind the kids at all, they are allowed to pet him and feed him. There is not very much handling of him if at all! Mr Mustache literally hung out on the haystack eating and digging, hopping back and forth... If I tried to bring him down on the step he would just hop back up... It's ok little dude, if your happy there you can be there! I have to admit though by the end of the event I did wonder how much he pee'd up there :/ lol Seriously though, couldn't have asked for a better bunny <3 Thank you Iona Jane!

What I really really want to do is do this OUTSIDEEEEEE!! Oh maybe on a farm? Gosh that would be something!!! If only we had spring weather in march this year... or a later easter? lol one can dream....

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