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Kamloops Cutest Babies @ Pip & Pea

I am all about community networking!! When Pip & Pea asked me to be their photographer I was super honored!! I am looking forward to future events and community gatherings with the Pip & Pea family!!

We decided to put on a fun contest and seeing that I have been wanting this group baby shot for a while now this seemed fitting...

Of course I have photographed toddlers and preschoolers. With a group of babies I expected chaos! Live and Learn is my motto for this event!! Lol! The lighting was a challenge enough nevermind the 10 babies!!

As everyone was arriving I started our babies mini mini sessions where I offered each session for free as a complimentary gift for participating and winning!! ( I will share some of the chosen photographs on here once they have been completed)

One little man didn't make the group shots.. he decided he was ready for a nap and did not want to participate! :( Super sad you weren't in our shot Brody!

Live and Learn:

1.Be more diligent and stern with the mama bears... It is stressful to stand back and watch your baby cry. For Mom and baby alike. My

instructions however clear were not followed as quickly as I believe was needed to get the shot with mostly happy (not crying) faces and before anyone got up and ran away!!! lol! Anyone who has seen me do group shots will know what I mean lol Moms, get out of the way!!! ;) It all worked out and i managed about 3 salvageable shots as a group- 9 babies in total! One shot was missing one friend....

2. Get better batteries for the external flash... thanks to Mr. Pip & Pea I got a first hand lesson on batteries lol... turns out I need Alkaline ;) Flash and No flash in the same session means a total different edit on the flash photos vs the no flash photos... lots of fun...NOT!

3. Don't leave ice-capps in reaching distance OR on un-sturdy surfaces LOL

4. Editing for teasers always turn out different than the others when I edit the entire session... MUST SAVE PRESETTTTTS arggg

My 2 fave group shots!!

And some of the chaos... because I really wanted to share the chaos that ensued our group session... They are super cute regardless of the flash/no flash and editing differences....

These 2... too freaking adorable, "Are you ok?! Your mommy is right there!"

At one point I looked across my lens and almost every baby was crying... I called it quits and prayed I got a good shot of them lol All in all it was another success and stepping stone!! I cant wait to have another cutest baby contest!!!!

Thank you to all the babies (and the Mommies) who participated!!

Congrats on having one of Kamloops Cutest Babies!!!

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