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Festive Family Mini's

We went out and spent the afternoon along the Schubert Drive trail! With a few stockings and a Santa hat these families made the best of the cold!

The sessions were short and sweet, only 20 minutes. We played around with our poses in a small area to maximize our time!!

Simple transitions and angles made it easy to give the choice of festive, or fall. Here I was able to capture with and without stockings hung. This pose was followed by adding Santa hats, followed by kids sitting up front parents in the back, where I was able to get a couple of just the kids and a couple of just Mom and Dad, followed by the same quick set without the hats. This was also a great opportunity to snap a quick shot of Mommy lovin's!!

And a great opportunity to get a shot of little man on his own too!

I also got my hands on some fake snow that is perfect for kids to play with outside!!! Made for some fun even though ALL the snow melted the day before this event!!

This family took advantage of the mini event for their first photographs as a family <3 Little Miss is about 2 months old here if I remember correctly.

These poses!!

Nothing better than this for babies first Christmas Family photo!!! The only thing that could have topped this would have been a festive outfit or ugly sweater for baby!!

My sister thinks its strange how I love a good crying faced baby picture, I have 4 of my own, I know how much they cry lol and generally over the silliest things! As a mother we see these faces cry over the years, yes sometimes the tears are well founded, and sometimes they make us laugh! More so these are the faces we will forget one day... these oh so familiar miserable beautiful faces... <3

Look what we found out in the bush!! Lol!

Proud parents, and can you blame them, shes perfect!!!

I have one family to add yet, they are still picking their favorites!! One family had to cancel that morning due to an early arrival addition to their family but we have since re-booked and had a session that I cant wait to share!! SOOO much going on over here just before the holiday season!!!

Now to start editing these Kids Christmas Minis!! I am SO excited to share!!

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