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Childrens Christmas Minis

Ohhhh it has been SOOO much fun!!

How beyond honored I am that I am able to do this!! All the hardships to get here... totally worth everything to be a stay at home mom AND have a business that is ALL MINE! lol!

I was playing around with some ideas and I knew I wanted to offer some kind of christmas mini session. I dont have alot of props that are NOT for newborns. A rocking chair, a rocking horse (in all honesty is disgusting now that my children have claimed it as theirs... trust me its not a wow item any more... Thanks Addi) A basket large enough for small children and fabrics etc that I could lay out. My first hurdle was finding seating to attempt to nicely pose at least 4 children ~knowing full well my children were going to suffer the wrath of mommy during a session. Sessions with my children as a group never go well I am not going to lie to you!!

I managed to find a pile of crates and started staining!! That was messy!

They look great!!!

3 strands of lights along my backdrop and an insane long white backdrop with some mosquito netting and silver beads made for an amazing backdrop! Paired with some festive colors!! This is what we came up with in our tester set!!! My little model is AMAZING!!!

Because I shoot with natural light it was a bit of a challenge keeping the same consistency throughout all of the photographs in each session. The changing light vs time made each session unique.

I also wanted to create somewhat of a magical feel, at least thats how I feel when I see these... I took advantage of my black wall and placed a small maybe 4ft christmas tree closest to the window and placed a brown blanket around the base with some big bulb lights on top, decorated the tree quite basic and natural aside from the golden snowflakes, White blanket surrounding the tree and BAM! A bit of post editing and MAGICCCC!!

That is what I came up with in my tester set... I was/am thrilled and impressed with myself :)

The day before we have a session in our house we team up and make sure all the toys are put away things are tidy and clean (this can be a feat in itself with 4 kids let me tell you) we usually move the living room the evening before set up the curtains and the stands so in the morning its cleaning the floors and the children lol!!! Again another challenge!

The sessions from this first round were so impressive...

I still have yet to receive the selection back on one beauty, and I have to pick and edit a couple of my childrens session, which didnt go as bad as I thought it would ( I made Dad help this time) :)

AND....I managed to make my first video slideshow!! Be sure to check it out on my facebook page because I cant figure out how to post it here lol

Thank you to the families who joined me this year! I hope to see you all again very soon!!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the peek at these! <3

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